Liver Enzymes

Stuff is still going on with Joey’s liver. The one enzyme that was still high last week has increased even more and a couple of other ones have as well. Apparently the G.I. (stomach doc) wants to do some more investigating at some point next week; not sure what the entails yet.

Joey is still feeling good, but that could be because his immunosuppressants are tricking his body into believing that he is feeling good. This post-transplant body is weird and will obviously take some more getting used to. In the meantime, he’s playing in a baseball tournament today.

Golf tournie went well. We’re estimating that we managed to rake in $6000, but that is a very rough guess. It will take a while to get the bill settled and have the real number. Go Powell River!

K & J

One thought on “Liver Enzymes

  1. Lyyli July 7, 2008 / 10:22 pm

    hi Kirstin and Joey,

    Just laying around the hospital up North in Sault ON. Wanted to check up on you guys because I’m 2 1/2 weeks in hospital with the old IV and CMV. I was 500+ over 100,000 which apparently is a lot and at one week in I was down to 321. I can not figure out what to do with the test numbers ? If you have any luck please can ya tell me too. I know Luanne mentioned she was at 4 , which i would guess means 400,000 cells over and not just the number 4. I can’t stand not getting a handle on crap like this. I really like to know what stuff at least remotely means to me!. Anyway I sure felt like crap when I got here but felt a bit hopefull today closer to the 3 week treatment mark. My pft’s went down but seem to have came back up the last few days.
    Anyway enought about ME ME ME> I’m thinking of you two and your doing as much as you are is so great when you know this CMV makes you so stinking tired and the appetite shoots out the window too. Good luck making Joey behave himself but glad to know your still bad Joey.

    Stay strong and keep in touch
    Love in Bunches

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