And the numbers are in…

Drumroll…this year Chad’s tournie made $3500! All told, we are pretty darn happy with this number considering we had half the number of people as we’ve had in past years and the state of the economy. Oh, and did I mention that it pissed (and I mean PISSED) down rain. Our supporters this year were a bunch of troopers and both we and Ryan Bentson (the CFer we are helping out this year) appreciate it. Speaking of Ryan, he now has his own website up and running, if you want to check it out, please visit:

Thank you everyone for another successful year. We have the best friends and family on the planet!

Happy summer!

K & J

One thought on “And the numbers are in…

  1. Brandy August 5, 2009 / 2:47 pm

    Super happy to be there. The course was fun (great for walking – were we the only ones without carts???) and yes, REALLY damp.

    $3,500 rocks and so do you two! Thanks for a great day and for giving such awesome support to others, and their families, in need. You have two BIG hearts and two awesome pairs of lungs ;o)

    Now to hop on over to!

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