Hilarious Body Modification

The ERCP came and went this afternoon. No stones or sludge this time. A couple of stints to help with drainage have been inserted. These haven’t really helped the problem in the past, but our fingers are crossed they will help now. But they probably won’t.

Apparently, the reason Joey is still having livery symptoms indicates infection and more widespread liver disease. He is on antibiotics for the infection. As for the liver disease, that’s why he’s being assessed for transplant. We hope that they can start booking the assessment appointments in March so that he can be listed for transplant shortly afterwards.

Hopefully we can head back to PR in the morn. Tonight we’re going to chill with a friend. Do a little laundry, eat a little dinner, play a little cards.

On a hilarious side note, it turns out that Joey basically will have a giant “J” carved into his chest/stomach. We learned today that the scar for liver transplants are in the shape of a big hockey stick. So couple that with the horizontal one from his lung transplant and you have some hilarious body modification.

Have a good weekend!

Kirstin and Joey