Sad News

Our friend Eva Markvoort passed away yesterday morning. Eva was waiting for her second double lung transplant; she had been experiencing chronic rejection for the past several months and had to be relisted for transplant. She died waiting on the list in BC.

Eva was a force in the CF community and a recent recipient of the Summerhayes award for her exceptional commitment to the CF cause. She was brave enough to open up her life to the world, both through her award winning documentary 65_redroses (in which cameras follow her through her wait and recovery from her first transplant) and through her no bars held blog: She let the world into her life so openly and so thougoughly, helping those outside of the CF community come closer to understanding what it is like living with and dying from this disease; prompting  them to care about CF and transplant awareness. For this we will be forever grateful. We will miss her a lot. Her spirit lives on in the hearts of those who knew her and in the amazing work that she did for the Canadian Cystic Firbrosis Foundation. Our hearts are with her family and friends.

And now Joey. Another blockage and back in hospital again. He is expected to be air ambulanced out to Vancouver for another ERCP in the morning tomorrow. I’m about 80% sure that he has me talked into not going down with him this time (worried about missing work), but that could change at any time depending on how he’s doing. Right now he is in pain, but they seem to have it controlled at a bearable level. Momma R is on standby for phone calls with doctors tomorrow.

That’s where I’m leaving it for now because I came home to sleep and pack some stuff for him and I don’t want the helicopter to take off with him in it when I have his meds with me. Later.


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  1. Brandy March 29, 2010 / 10:44 pm

    Such sad news indeed. Eva was lovely and generous and honest and real and brave. So hard to believe she is gone.

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