Dolly Whitford

How’s that for disturbing? Some background info: years ago, one of the medications Joey was on caused him to grow tiny breasts. Something like 0.001% of people experience that side effect from this drug. Of course it would be him. This was especially disturbing because it was around the same time as our 12 year old niece was in the process of experiencing this miracle herself, but for entirely different reasons. What’s really scary is that Joey was giving her a run for her money (or training bra as the case may be). The good news is that it was a quick fix: Joey was switched to a different medication and no longer has any traces of this side effect with the exception of some mild psychological scarring. I think we’ll call this photo “Mr.February”. (So much hotter than Shaney). If you want more, you’ll have to buy the calendars! The photo shoot was really, really funny.

Today was a crap day pain-wise, but we were pleasantly surprised by some rellies from the Island (and more importantly, a rueben sandwich). After the visiting, J-Dub was out for the count.

Have a good night ya’ll!


2 thoughts on “Dolly Whitford

  1. Kimberly Burge April 6, 2010 / 2:30 pm

    Umm… I’m gonna need to borrow those Joey.

  2. Leeah April 12, 2010 / 9:53 am

    I knew you were my brother!

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