Message from the J-Dawg

And now back to depressing.

Verbatim message from Joey:

There have been lots of people who have come forward and said yes, they would like to be a donor, lots that have said that they would like to consider it, and many who we haven’t heard back from. Early next week, we want to start the work up on the remaining 2 people. We are trying to decide who the best 2 would be. If there’s anyone who’s interested and who hasn’t told us explicitly, please contact us. Or, if you are still thinking about it and have questions or concerns, please email us: or

Here’s an addition that I would like to make about the whole Body Mass Index (BMI) thing: originally they told me that your BMI should be between 25-30. HOWEVER, mine is only 19.5 (from what I understand that’s the high end of emaciated) and they were still willing to consider me as a donor. Or, if you BMI is over 30 and you really want to do this, put down the chips and salsa (wink, wink) and hit the gym. Perhaps I’m being overly simplistic here, but if you really work at it, it is possible to turn things around if your BMI is over 30. While I’m on this point, I want to give a huge shout out to all of the potential donors who are doing just that, as well as those who are laying off the booze or the wacky tabacky. Or to those who are changing all of these habits. I have no words to express our appreciation. Thank you so much for being solid. We need solid.

The stEnt (a small, expandable tube used for inserting in a blocked vessel – was in Joey’s liver) was pulled out today; we are still waiting to see if he has any reduction in pain. So far tonight he was feeling better for about half an hour, then really bad again, then very slightly better. Who really knows at this point, I guess we will get a better inkling tomorrow.

Had tacos for dinner tonight. Tacos make everything better. Especially when you eat them with Shelley.

How’s that for balanced journalism? Boo-ya!