Heading Back to Vancouver…Sometime

The current plan is for Joey to be transferred to Vancouver shortly. Not sure exactly when this will happen; could be anytime now, or as late as Tuesday. The idea is that maybe the pain clinic at St.Paul’s will have some new ideas about management.

After a week of trying it, Joey is off of the pain med that was started last Saturday. Hurray! He’s back mentally. I missed him. Not sure which is worse: for him to have to work so hard on focusing on smiling in the right parts of a conversation and struggling to stay awake, or to be awake and coherent, but in pain. Maybe I’m being selfish, but it is nice for me to have him back, even if he eats my Cadbury mint chocolate bar.

Also wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who continues to offer us support. Whether it’s a contribution to the golf tournament, attending the event, sponsoring the “Joey’s Angels” Great Strides team, walking with us, a kind word, sending sour keys, coffee cards or even enzymes (that was very funny), we appreciate it all. It is nice to know that we are loved.

K & J