Disappointing News

Received some disappointing news today. It turns out that our male donor isn’t a match. So we’re back at square one in the dude department. Thank you so, so much for trying. We love you.

This news has come as a bit of a blow. Not sure what will happen to the appointment that was booked for June 24th; whether it has already been given away to somebody else, or if one of our girls can use it. Hopefully I can get an answer on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, our next male volunteer is set to phone the living liver donor coordinator tomorrow. I really hope that things will work out, but honestly, I’m feeling a bit discouraged. After we got the bad news today, we looked through our list of volunteers again and I am shocked at the number of men who have been ruled out based on blood type. And it seems like the ones who remain are likely to be ruled out on the basis of some criteria or another. How is this possible?

We are still in PR, Joey is still in pain, and we are still waiting for a bed to open up at St.Paul’s so that he can see the docs from the pain clinic. All our bags are packed, we’re ready to go…okay, that’s a lie. The room is void of cheer, but we are still disorganized and have junk lying around everywhere. That’s how we roll. A trip’s not a trip unless you’re frantically scrambling to pack at the last minute.

Over and out for now.

Kirstin and Joey

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