Reddy for a Cure

Still waiting to see the chronic pain docs at St.Paul’s to have some kind of new plan implemented. At this point, things are still the same on the pain front. The earliest a different pain control strategy would be implemented is early next week. However, last night we saw one of the acute pain docs. He was able to tell us that one of the proposed plans would not be a helpful option for Joey, so I guess that’s good in a way. Frustrating, but at least the options are being whittled down. Not that there were that many to begin with.

Tomorrow is the big walk (Great Strides). I am amazed at the support that my team and I have received and am happy to report that I am only $24 off the $1000 mark. Wow! Seeing that little thermometer grow makes me happy. The original Joey’s Angels team will still be walking in Powell River, starting at Willingdon Beach at 11:00 tomorrow morning. Goooooo team! The Vancouver contingent, “Joey’s Angels: the sequel”, will also be walking tomorrow morning. Still time to sponsor me if you’re interested:

The PR team is very close to achieving their goal (only 2% away!) If anyone wants to make a donation to the PR Joey’s angel’s team to help make this happen here’s the link:

Funds raised help to find a cure for CF.

Speaking of raising money for a cure, Joey, the fam, and I managed to make it out for dinner last night and we were able to meet up with some very special folks:


Janet and Bill; Eva’s parents. Note the color of Bill’s hair – he had just finished getting it coloured Eva-red for the walk tomorrow. This is in honour of Eva so that tomorrow there will be a red army at Great Strides raising both money and awareness for CF. We are all reddy for a cure.

K & J