It seems that we might have unintentionally offended a few folks with our last post. Rest assured, our caution was not meant as a diss to anyone, or to knock the usefulness of the facebook group (posts are usually taken directly from cfsucks and it helps to reach a wider audience than we’ve been able to with our website alone). We love the facebook group; it’s very handy. We just wanted to warn people to be cautious about the conclusions that they draw from either reading or hearing any other info than from cfsucks or from speaking to us directly. Over the past few years, we’ve found that our lives can, at times, come close to approximating a game of telephone, where information can unintentionally be misinterpreted when it’s passed from one person to the next. Basically, we just wanted to convey that in spite of some disappointing circumstances, we are okay. That’s all. No need to send condolences at this point. We’re fine and definitely didn’t mean to offend any members of our support network. You guys are awesome.

Moving on: Elaine made lasagne for dinner. Meat lasagne. Joey is excited.

K & J