He Ain’t All That and a Bag of Chips!

Last night there was lots of shouting, swearing, and crying…and for once it wasn’t me. Joey had a baaaaad time pain-wise. Then this morning he felt much better. How is this possible? No idea and we are still waiting for diagnostic tests to find out what’s going on. He was supposed to have a CT scan this afternoon. He drank the contrast dye, but one of the CT machines is broken, so I guess it won’t happen until next week now. Maybe we’ll head down to Celebrities and make use of their black light so he didn’t drink the dye for no reason. Friday night: woo-woo!

Realistically, there is no freaking way we are doing that; he feels better than last night, but it would be pretty tough not to. Looks like it’s trashy TV time again, although he has sternly warned me that if I give away any of his secret shows, I might be banned from future participation in this activity. (Apparently Kimberly is on notice for having loose lips re: his thoughts about Dog the Bounty Hunter).

I don’t think Leland is cute. Brah.

K & J

Update to the update: CT scan is done. Go staff at St. Paul’s! Guess I’m heading to Celebrities solo.