Secret Tweaker Pad

Joey needs another ERCP, which has been scheduled for Tuesday. Pain seems to now be coming from several sources: old abdominal, back, and new abdominal. In a nutshell, he is extremely uncomfortable. Right now they are thinking that the new abdominal pain is another Distal Intenstinal Obstruction Syndrome (DIOS) flare up. DIOS is specific to people with CF and essentially means that his bowels and part of his intestines are chalk full of crap, his belly is hurts a lot, he’s distended, he’s bloated, nauseous, and has no appetite. So tonight I’m staying at the hospital while we work on corrective measures (i.e. until he blows it out his butt). Basically I’m just sitting here watching him either writhe around in pain or tweak while he’s asleep (side effect of pain drugs). Looks like we’re both in for a fun night.

How’s everyone else’s summer going? Tell us some amusing tales from the outside world.

K & J

Here’s one from the inside world; although it’s more disturbing than amusing. Tonight, when I was making my bed – with clean linens from the linen cart mind you – a 1 ½“ exacto knife blade fell out of one of the sheets. Let’s hear it for privatized hospital cleaning services! That was a wise policy change. Not!