Rabbit Turd

After the first NG tube fell out partway a new one was put it. After the new one was readjusted several times to get it in the right spot, medicine slowly started dripping in around midnight last night. Today Joey was able to not barf it up. Success on one level! At least you can hear through his stomach that something is happening now, whereas before it was silence (not golden in this case). He also had a tiny poo, which I’m sure he is thrilled that I am broadcasting over the internet. For those of you that remember the dialysis days, this type of post is nothing new. However, it is still embarrassing and unfortunately for me, being “ha-poo” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

That said, there will likely be several more days of medicine, “bowel rest” (i.e. only liquid foods) patience, and pain. He is feeling marginally better, although his belly button is still an “outtie”. It literally looks like he swallowed a parachute and pulled the chute itself. Poor guy.

Speaking of poor guys, our friend Ryan Bentson, who is currently waiting for a lung transplant in Toronto, had not one, but two false alarms over the past couple of days. I believe that brings the total up to three at this point. Argh! We’re thinking of you and hoping that you get your real call soon.

And thus ends another week. I promise I will work on posting something happy soon.

K & J