Shitty Birthday

I’ve never been this happy in my life to have a shitty birthday. Apparently, we have movement and lots of it! This will likely continue for some time, but at least things are in motion.

To illustrate (not that anyone wants me to), here is Mr. July from Joey’s Angels 2011 calendar:

That basically sums up the current situation. Reminder: calendars are available at Decibels Music and the Chopping Block in Powell River, or email us at and we’ll send one out to you (calendars are $15 each). Just in case you wanted images such as these to be further seared into your brain.

Told you my next post would be happy.


2 thoughts on “Shitty Birthday

  1. Brandy August 4, 2010 / 9:48 am

    Calendars are also available from me in Victoria!

    Call or email me today!

    brandyj.patterson AT

  2. Brandy August 4, 2010 / 9:50 am

    Oh and Happy Belated Birthday!

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