In the Summertime, When the Weather is Hot

Things have been going okayish the last few days. Finally used some free tickets we had to see stand up comedy. It was very funny. Can’t remember the last time we’ve been able to get out and do anything on a Friday night, so it was extra fun and very much appreciated.

On the progress front, nothing too much is happening. There was talk of Joey being able to go home in the next couple of weeks with his new equipment, so we are obviously very eager for that to happen. Unfortunately, there have been a few medication errors that have set things back 5-6 days, so that’s frustrating (his pump was programmed incorrectly so that he was being underdosed. This was noticed on Friday night after his regular doc had gone home, then once you run into the weekend nothing much happens, so we have to wait until tomorrow and then likely start off where he was around Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. Argh. But hey, better to be underdosed than overdosed). At least the hope is still that home is in the cards at some point.

Have had a busy Sunday and Joey has passed out in his chair while watching golf. Not much different from a normal Sunday at home. Managed to make it out for lunch and had a visit with Ed, Debbie, Nikki and Kria as they passed through town.

 Sat out at the park; good people watching by St.Paul’s. Saw some kind of TV spot getting filmed, interacted with a group of people who were slightly inebriated, and laughed at the antics of dogs as they went on their daily walks. It’s good to be outside.

K & J