Creepy White Van

Things are plugging along here at St.Paul’s. Arrangements have started today to look into whether the proposed pain control plan will be feasible in PR; this will likely take some time. When things are set up, the aim is for Joey to be transferred back to Powell River hospital for what will hopefully amount to only a couple of days, then head home for rezeal. That is the goal, but we are trying not to get too psyched about it before it is actually reality. Tough not too get your hopes up though.

So far, today has been pretty low key. Had a couple of different visitors the last little while, including our friend Josh, who Joey went to Camosun with and our friend Jesse (he puts the Roper in “The Roper Show”), who just got back from doing a music tour across Canada. We were honoured to be the final stop on the tour and I was even more honoured to be given a ride home in his creepy white van. Beats walking!

K & J