Finally made it back to PR today. Woo hoo! Or should I say: WOOOOO HOOOOO! (I think the second one is the ticket).

Joey is currently napping at the hospital. I am currently racing around trying to piece together random stuff that he might need for this leg of his stay. This is particularly challenging when you haven’t been living at home for 3 1/2 months and have little to no idea where any of your stuff is. (Portable DVD player where are you? I have your remote, but you have mysteriously vanished).

Yeah for Powell River. One step closer to coming home for real.

K & J

One thought on “WOOOOO HOOOOO!

  1. mycatisnottoofat August 25, 2010 / 9:39 pm

    That news just made my day!!! Now if only I was in PR to visit you…

    I will send mother in my place. She’ll text you.

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