Fannies of the J-man

Today was busy. Had quite a few visitors to welcome us back. We also got trained on how to use Joey’s pump (Kimberly too. Now that’s what I call efficient visiting!) There are still a few more details that need to be worked out before he can come home for real, but we’re happy that steps are being taken in that direction. Here’s hoping he’s discharged soon.

We also managed to sneak out for a few minutes to attend a retirement party for Marilyn Carey, who has been a very special mentor to me. I am going to miss working with her a lot. While we were at Marilyn’s party, we heard a rumor that the gang at Youth & Family had hoped to meet us at the airport all dressed in fanny packs as a show of solidarity. Too bad we had no idea when Joey was going to be transferred back to PR. You know your co-workers are awesome when…

K & J

PS The mental image is almost as good as the real thing. Thanks guys!