I want to take a time out to clarify what I’m doing here. On my trip across Canada, I will be passing out 65 copies of the DVD 65_RedRoses to 65 individuals. The original ideas I was pondering about donating the movies to libraries or donating them to individuals and then asking them to pass them on are a no-go due to licensing contracts and the feasibility of being able to afford the fees associated with the movies to carry out my original ideas. So I am just gifting the DVDs I have to individuals, some high profile and others randomly and hoping that they enjoy their present. Can’t take the outreach out of the outreach worker, I guess! If I am sparking your interest in viewing this movie (it is a great movie), you can click on the link provided on this page to see the condensed version on CBC’s the Passionate Eye, or order the full length film from Of course, throughout my travels, I will be focusing on mine and Joey’s story and hoping that telling it makes a difference so that more people want to work together to find a cure.

Just thought I’d clear up any confusion.


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  1. sweiler August 22, 2011 / 5:25 pm

    Like your new website “65 Cities” the stalking possibilities are endless! Enjoy every minute of your travels.

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